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  2. This is life: 33
  3. Our favorite @TheKatVonD wears her #Kreepsville666 skull candy bracelets while werkin’ get yerz: 17
  4. #FuckYeah it’s FRIDAY! Dis dress will get ya dancin’ (at dolls kill fukkin H Q) 66
  5. Bong Johns on @Sabrina_Nellie lookin supah cute πŸŒ™πŸŒœπŸŒ™πŸŒœ romp around in yer’ own: 14
  6. Sum Friday #indecentexposure by  #MinimaleAnimale for u: 10
  7. As seen next to #SelenaGomez this clear hologram satchel with matching clutch on da inside: 45
  8. True life #coachella 24
  9. SoXxxy sox (at dolls kill fukkin H Q) 18
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  11. Da cutest romper in 2 bright shades of floral iz here: 35
  12. Our lil @ihateblonde Barbie in da plaid #Unif slater crop: 13
  13. All we need is @Katieloo86 in the #DJtanner jeans: 52
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  15. We know, we know… U wore these in high school and pm thought u were #GwenStefani so did we: (at dolls kill fukkin H Q) 18